Winter Carnival makes cash

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By Jackie Burns

Ryerson’s Winter Carnival made a profit this year for the first time, but many students still don’t know the event happened.

Although Angelo DeLuca, RyeSAC’s VP administration, claimed the carnival was “a huge success,” it was hard to find evidence the annual event was in full-swing.

Many students didn’t know events like Tony Lee, the x-rated hypnotist, were part of the week-long event.

“What is the winter carnival anyway?” said first-year architecture student Inta Timers.

DeLuca said he advertised the event through flyers and email, but there were no banners or posters around the school to inform the majority of students.

He said the recent presidential election hadn’t interfered with his preparations for the carnival.

“If anything, I could have lost the election because of the attention I focused on the carnival,” he said.

RyeSAC spent $2,500 on the carnival, but made over $4,000, with most profits from Tony Lee.

DeLuca said over 1,000 students attended the week’s activities which included a ski trip, Cultural Caravan and Super Bingo, where RyeSAC gave away $1,000 in prizes.

Last November, DeLuca promised he’d bring a big band to the carnival, but because of “booking conflicts” he couldn’t get Ashley MacIsaac to come to Ryerson. DeLuca insists he will book a big band before the year’s end, such as Our Lady Peace.


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