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By Maureen Rice

Ryerson’s fifth Battle of the Bands unfolds this Thursday and Friday at The Hub. Admission is free. Each night $300 will be awarded for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place. The overall winner will play at the 40th Annual Island Picnic and Parade in September.

Here’s the lineup:

Lynch: An up-and-coming Toronto band requested by residence students. Lynch is not part of the competition.

Galatea: Mainstream with a twist, singer Bob Smith is competing for the third time.

Ella Says: Frontman Jeff Hannaford created this three-piece of alterna-retro-power-pop immediately after last year’s solo performance.

Fadin’ North: Last year, these Burlington drinking buddies sold the most tickets.

Evilution: From the deepest, darkest depths of hell, five journalism students who can’t play metal worth a damn.

The Flamejobs: These Elvis Presley fans say, “If we’re not dead tired by the end of the 20 minute [set], we don’t deserve to win.”

Flagship: Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded! Flagship’s influences come from science fiction.

Sundowner: Unsuccessful last year, winning this year would be “cool,” says drummer Tyler Drygas.

The Red-Eyed Tree Frogs: Also unable to place last year, the band has a new singer and a different sound.

Strappado: Debuting at Battle of the Bands, Strappado considers itself similar to Danzig.

Prime Mover: Unable to enter in previous years, these Rush fans are ecstatic about being in their first competition.

TANJ (There Ain’t No Justice): At Battle of the Bands for exposure, drummer Mark Bell says his politically oriented band won’t be “battling anyone.”


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