Bums, sheep and Tony Lee

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By Graeme Smith and Owen Ferguson

Semen taste-testing. Men parading as porn stars and getting it on. Bestiality. No, it’s not Sociology 101, it’s Tony Lee’”XXX” Rated hypnotism show and it came to Ryerson last Wednesday night.

Tony Lee has been hypnotizing people for years. He was voted “Canada’s Top Variety Entertainer of the Year” by a coalition of Canadian universities and colleges.

Although some students found Tony excessively rude — “Anyone who’s offended by four-letter words should get the fuck out of here,” he said as the show began—most thought his foul sense of humor was just great.
“It’s all in good fun,” said spectator and first-year architecture student, Jonathan Boyce.

Most of the performing was done by unwitting audience members, who were hypnotized into doing everything from humping chairs to tase-testing imaginary cum.

The participants on stage didn’t seem to have a problem with Tony’s carnal humor. If anyone deserved to be resentful, it was Spencer Saunders, a first-year new media student.

He was the one programmed to drop his pants and moon the audience every time anyone shouted “Ryerson” Tony even used Saunders at the climax of the show, when another hypnotized volunteer kissed his bare bum. Yes, Saunders found it disgusting, “but that was the point of the show,” he said afterwards.

Not that Saunders was entirely comfortable with his experience.

“I didn’t expect any nudity,” he said. “I was hesitant to go to class the next day,” He described being hypnotized as a “truly weird experience. I remember thing ‘that’s goddam funny’ but I couldn’t laugh.”

Graeme Smith: Hypnotic guinea pig

Graeme Smith doesn’t normally mimic sexual acts for crowds. But duty calls louder than shame, so on assignment for the Eyeopener last Wednesday, he participated in Tony Lee`s “XXX Rated” hypnotism show.

According to Graeme, being under Tony’s influence is “like being drowsy and unwilling to disagree with anything he says.” It also causes “cloudy, fuzzy vision.” Like other volunteers, Graeme remembers most of what happened to him. Here are some of his first-hand memories, unadulterated for your reading pleasure.

Graeme on oral sex:

“I liked the strange man’s crotch. He licked mine. The crowd went wild. And I wasn’t even getting paid. Although my vision was hazed, I could see enough to grab his ass and draw him towards my face.”

Graeme on anal simulation:

“The girl sitting next to me shoved her finger up my ass. It felt good, actually. Tony passed his microphone around, asking people what they thought. Everyone else was disgusted. But not me.

“’That’s… OK,’ I said.”

Graeme on sitting next to the mooner:

“The drunken crowd screamed “RYERSON!” The guy sitting beside me got out of his chair and mooned them. Again. As Tony had instructed him to. My only thought was ‘Damn, I was let off easy.’ “
Graeme on cuddling an imaginary pet:

“I was holding a baby sheep. It was the cutest, most lovable creature I’d ever held. Tony grabbed it from me and kicked it across the room. I wanted to kill him, but I couldn’t get out of my chair.”

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