Crossing the invisible line

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By Rob Granatstein

How far is too far?

It’s a question we ask ourselves here every week at The Eyeopener.

Last week we didn’t answer it correctly.

In fact, we’ve caused a bit of a storm. A traffic light should have been installed in the editor’s office to deal with the number of upset fols who paraded in to complain.

Did last week’s Dead Baby Joke cross the line? Yes.

Are we running one this week? No.

Will we run one again? Probably.

Weill we push the envelope again? You bet your life we will, ever week we hope.

If there is one thing this paper will always fight for, it’s the right to say what we want. Saying what you want is something that’s disappearing from this campus and this world.

Case in point was last month’s protest about the Business students “Get Rammed” posters. Hello, sense of humour? Anyone?

Now, RyeSAC has such a harassment chill they won’t approve posters. The Journalism Course Union is trying to get a poster passed that says “Get Crammed” to promote a party before exam hell. RyeSAC told them to go to the Women’s Centre for approval. Come on. Who’s running this school? And furthermore, who’s scared shitless to make a decision?

RyeSAC, front of the line, now! Let’s get a backbone here boys and girls.

One thing’s for sure, the student paper down the hall from your politically correct office will not be chicken like you folks.

We crossed the line last week. Where is this line we crossed? We don’t know and I don’t think we’ll ever find it.

So get your typewriters and Pepto Bismol ready. We’re not about to roll over and play nice!

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