Victoria Bowman. Photo: Sean Fitz-Gerald

Queen Vic dethroned to the phone

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By Erin Moore

Last year’s RyeSAC president is back and ready to type.

That’s because she’s taking over as RyeSAC’s frontdesk receptionist.

Victoria Bowman will fill in for about six weeks, or until a permanent replacement can be found for Dennis Loney, who was recently hired as RyeSAC’s executive assistant.

But thing will be different this time around. Angelo DeLuca, a VP under Bowman last year, is now RyeSAC’s president, and her superior.

“Well, if It was going to be under anybody, I’d want to be under Angelo,” she said. DeLuca said he “begged” her to come back.

“She’s very friendly and she knows a lot about RyeSAC so she’s the perfect person to fill in,” he said.

Bowman, a social work grad, said timing of the offer was perfect as she just finished a contract for a fundraiser. Contract work is a fact of life in her field, she said. “I’d be temping somewhere so it might as well be here.”

Bowman admits she had to do some pride-swallowing to accept the offer, but she got over it when she discovered that at least two other former presidents and one VP had also made the secretarial switch at RyeSAC: Greg Quin (president ‘89/’90), Janet Piper (president ‘90/’91) and Adam Johnstone (VP finance ‘89/’90).

“It made me feel better, like it wasn’t such an outrageous leap. I felt less like a nebbish,” she said.

Bowman has no definite work plans after the receptionist stint is over, and said she can’t speculate whether she’ll be back at RyeSAC in the future.

“Right now, I just want to get in, do the work and get out,” she said.

The full-time unionized position is open to the public.

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