Sucking up to Ontario’s youth core

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Dalton McGuinty, fearless leader of the provincial opposition, is riding his horse into town for some political schmoozing.

The schmoozees: young people.

The province’s liberal leader will announce today at 10:30 a.m. in the University of Toronto Koffler Student Centre  the launch of the McGuinty Forum on Youth Opportunities.

What opportunities, skeptics may ask.

Well, that’s where McGuinty and MPP David Caplan, Liberal youth and training critic, come in.

The duo will travel province-wide to universities, colleges, workplaces and community centres to talk to students, youth groups and people who work with young people.

A press release said the purpose of the forum is “to examine why many of Ontario’s youth are having trouble getting ahead.”

Be it because their shoelaces are tied together, tuition is too expensive, there aren’t enough jobs available, or they lack experience, McGuinty and Caplan want to hear the issues pressing on young people’s minds.

The result of the meetings, which will take place during February and March, will be a report detailing the problems youth face and solutions to help them find jobs, go to school and become productive members of society.


In last week’s story, “On the attack,” it should have been clear Jarret Harris said he has no problems working in any environment with women because women are just as capable as men in crisis situations.

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