No tuition hike for B.C. schools

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By Cherion Drakes

A tuition freeze in British Columbia shouldn’t get Ontario students’ hopes up, said RyeSAC VP education Gord Tanner.

“If our own faculty won’t look at the possibility of freezing tuition, I think outsiders [the provincial government] will be less likely to,” said Tanner.

British Columbia Premier Glen Clark announced a tuition freeze last week. It’s the third straight year tuition will be frozen in that province.

In Ontario, the provincial government has given universities the option of raising tuition by 20 per cent over the next two years.

Clark also called on the federal government to make funding available across the country.

“British Columbia has more financial stability,” said Linda Grayson, Ryerson’s VP administration and student affairs.

Grayson agreed the federal government needs to provide more funding for education.

Student can expect some assistance from the government’s recent budget, as Ottawa established a $2.5 billion Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships starting in 2000.

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