Prof evaluations need work

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By Frank Pingue

Ryerson’s course evaluation forms may have a new format for the 1998-99 academic school year.

This summer, David Steele, RyeSAC president-elect and current VP administration, plans to investigate how to create a better course evaluation.

“There will be a lot of static from the faculty but the students deserve to have their say,” he said.

Steele added, Ryerson’s evaluations are designed to return mediocre to positive answers and discourage student input.

The evaluations handed out at the end of each semester are part of the current collective bargaining agreement between the university and the Ryerson Faculty Association (RFA).

“I would like to find a way of monitoring student satisfaction more effectively and also put into place a higher level of accountability,” said Dennis Mock, Ryerson’s VP academic. He added that any changes would have to be negotiated with the RFA.

Joe Springer, RFA president, refused comment.

Steele wants an evaluation form with specific questions and room for opinions.

Students can add comments now, but the lack of space discourages them from doing so, said Steele.

The university of Toronto and York University offer course evaluation forms with space for student comments.

York also has a supplementary form asking students to answer questions specific to the course and instructor.

Results from U of T’s course evaluation forms get published in an Anti-Calendar, done by the Arts and Science Students’ Union. This calendar gives students more information when deciding which courses to enroll into.

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