Slaving for summer labour

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By Shi Davidi

Ryerson is going to turn $300,000 set aside for financial aid into a pilot project that will give at least 30 jobs to full-time students this summer.

The Summer Academic Research Assistant Program will be open to students with a minimum GPA of 2.67 who are returning for the 1998-99 academic year and who show financial need. Students must stay within their program.

Ryerson was required to put the $300,000 into financial aid after raising tuition last year. The university could distribute the money to needy students as it pleased, but never did.

The money could have been used next year instead, but Linda Grayson, Ryerson’s VP administration and student affairs, said the program’s merits helped it clear all obstacles.

“It has a lot of benefits for students,” she said. “It will provide them with experience within their field of study … It’s also a good position that will pay reasonably well so, hopefully, it will allow students to save some money toward their tuition next year.”

Students will assist faculty members with their research projects. The office of research services will decide which faculty members’ work merits a grant. Financial aid will determine which students are eligible.

The program was created by financial aid, Grayson, Janice Winton, executive director of finance, RyeSAC and CESAR. They decided this was the most beneficial way to disperse the $300,000 to needy students.

“With it being so late in the year, it has been seen as the best solution,” said Gord Tanner, RyeSAC’s VP education.

The program will be evaluated after the summer and may be in place again next summer.

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