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Students being asked for support – and cash

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By Hamida Ghafour

The sweet smell of democracy is wafting through Ryerson.

RyeSAC is holding a referendum today and Thursday, asking students: “Do you agree to convert the Athletic Capital Assessment of $30 per term commencing in the fall term 1999, to a RyeSAC Student Centre fund dedicated to the development of a student centre?”

A “no” vote would put all student centre plans on hold for five years.

If students express support and vote yes, RyeSAC will set up a committee to get the student centre off the ground, said John McGowan, RyeSAC’s VP finance and development.

“We will decide what exactly the school needs. We need to decide on the concept of the building … for example, will it be two storeys or six storeys?” McGowan said.

The committee of at least eight people would include students and members of RyeSAC, student groups and Ryerson administration.

“We would like to be in the driver’s seat on this one, not Ryerson,” said Michael Durrant, RyeSAC’s communications and services manager.

Breaking ground for a student centre could start as soon as September 1999, which is when the $60 fee will be taken out of students’ fees to develop the centre.

The referendum is costing $500, said RyeSAC president Angelo DeLuca.

“Most of the posters and ads are done in-house,” said DeLuca. “The most expensive part is putting ads in the student papers.”

He said he has received positive feedback from students, especially after telling them it wouldn’t cost any more money.

“They have been ecstatic,” he said.

But some students are apathetic. “I don’t care. I would rather have the 60 bucks back,” said Andrew Kish, a third-year administration and information management student.

Jamie Smith, a third-year radio and television arts student, said: “I’m not voting. I’m not informed so I won’t vote for the sake of it.”

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