Architecture to menstruation: a new season of Rye rags

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By Krista Lamb

Ryerson may rank low on Maclean’s university list, but when it comes to fabulous student publications we’re doing just fine.

Three of those publications, McClung’s, Oh! and the White Wall Review, are facing important deadlines over the next few weeks and they’re all promising great things for their readers.



Oh! features art, theatre, poetry and more.  The upcoming issue contains artist profiles of Andrea Florian, DJ OS-2 and stories on adopting cultural ideologies, architecture and more.  Oh!  publishes twice a year and the editors are currently recruiting for the spring issue.  The next deadline is in February and they encourage everyone to bring in story ideas or creative writing.  Fore more info call Katherine Balpataky @ 963-8506 or Beth Clarkson @ 593-7831.



As a voice for Ryerson women, McClung’s has covered everything from sadomasochism to escort agency secretaries — and they continue with their provocative topics this year.  The history of menstrual products and women in the army are two topics slated for coverage in the issue due out the first week of December, along with other “female-centric” stories.  Those interested in submitting story ideas for the next issue should stat thinking over the winter break, as the deadline to pitch a story idea is in January.  Contract Susan Nerberg @ 368-0709 or Jessica Howard @ 979-5000 ext. 3717.


White Wall Review

More than just a literary chapbook, the White Wall Review has published the works of an array international writers, photographers and artists over the past 23 years.  The editors are not under any pressure from Oakham to increase the amount of Ryerson content this year, but editors Lee Moore and Julie Williamson have made it their goal.  They are trying to make 50 per cent of the content Ryerson based and they encourage anyone with a creative bent to drop off material for consideration.  The submission deadline is Dec. 5.  Drop off work in the White Wall Review’s mailbox on the second floor of Oakham House.  Anyone interested in submitting work should pick up a copy of the submission guidelines.  For more info call Jim Vassallo @ 923-1375.

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