Makeup tips from indie rock star

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Compiled By Krista Lamb

With Velvet Goldmine reliving the glamour days of ‘70s at The Carleton, and industry insiders whispering that glam is back in vogue, satin and glitter are the rage.  With all the shiny goings on around Toronto, you don’t even have to leave town to jump on the glam rock bandwagon.  But what, oh what, is a self-respecting wanna-be glam rocker to wear to these events?  I asked some of the funky scenesters just how they’ll be making themselves.

“The more the better!  Pile it on thick and heavy.  Lots of foundation, lots of powder, lots and lots of blush and tons of eye makeup.  Lips can go either way, natural or thick.  But always, always lots of thick mascara.”

Miss Guy (lead vocalist) — The Toilet Boys


“Like music, makeup’s kind of about feelings and emotions.  It’s pretty spontaneous and it doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s just about whether the makeup feels good ,not necessarily whether it looks good.  I always put my eyeliner on very quickly, with post glam sweep of the hand.  Then you just smudge it a little with your finger (make sure your hands aren’t dirty), but that’s it.  Voila!  You’re done.

Neil Leyton (vocalist/guitarist)


“Use sparingly!  Makeup is mean to enhance, not conceal.  Its purpose is to highlight our finer features and bring out what is naturally beautiful, so don’t overdo it.  Unless, of course, you wanna look like a cheap whore, which isn’t bad either.”

Brian O’Blivion (lead vocalist) — Thee Trash Brats


“I still think that when in the drug store you should buy one of those masks in a bottle — preferably the green one.  It’s very therapeutic.  Just slap in on your face and sit there and try not to laugh and leave it on for as long as possible because it feels really good.  Not that it works, but as soon as you take it off you’re going to think your face looks better.”

Stacey Stranye (guitarist) — Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars


“If you want the same colour for your face, or you only have one colour of powder, add a bit of clear or white cream to the powder and it makes a good eye shadow, lipstick or whatever.”

Barbie (vocalist) — The Spy


“Never wash it off.  Just keep piling it on over top.  Use colours that no respectable woman would ever wear.”

Marcus Ireland (lead vocalist) — Plasma Blast


“Girlfriends can be extremely helpful with this because women tend to be trained from the womb on how to do makeup properly.  Then on your own time systematically destroy any sense of tact and/or good taste and you should be all right.”

Adolf Chri$t (vocalist)

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