CKLN station manager Conrad Collaco

CKLN fundFEST raises $120,000 in pledges

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By Emily Bowers


CKLN’s annual fundraising campaign raised $125,000 in pledges this year, beating any amount raised in the past five years.


Station manager Conrad Collao expects to collect an estimated $80,000 from people who come through with their pledges. That will beat last year’s $120,000 in pledges and $70,000 in returns.


Collaco said these numbers are a show of support from listeners both on and off campus. “Our listeners tell us they appreciate us,” he said.


The fundraising campaign, names “fundFEST,” included a week of musical events around Toronto. The week was capped off with a part at the Roxy Blü nightclub last Friday, which Collaco said was attended by 1,200 people.


The money raised counts toward 35 to 45 per cent of the station’s operating budget for the year. The profits will go toward repairs and upgrades of equipment, salaries and the “bare essentials of operating a campus community station,” Collaco said.


Collaco said he is very pleased with the results fro, fundFEST. “The entire Ryerson community can share in this achievement,” he said.


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