House night at Oakham foiled again

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By Emily Bowers


Oakham House’s attempt at adding another room to Thursday pub nights fell through—again. This time the DJs and their equipment showed up, but the crowd did not.


RyeSAC planned to open Thomas Lounge on the main flour with a DJ spinning house music. Their first attempt failed when the DJs equipment didn’t show the previous week.


Last Thursday’s pub night also bombed as the DJ from CKLN found himself spinning tracks for a very small crowd.


Atif Asghar, RyeSAC’s v.p. Administration, said there were about 50 people lined up outside the Thomas Lounge around 11 p.m., but most of them were just waiting to go downstairs for pub night in the Ram in the Rye.


The expansion to Thomas Lounge was an attempt to appeal to a different crowd, Asghar said. The Ram in the Rye plays top 40 music on pub nights and Asghar wanted to offer “a lounge-type atmosphere” upstairs with the house music.


Asghar said the crowds ad the Ram in the Rye appear to be too small for Thomas Lounge. He was also expecting a large crowd for the house music since students are finishing their mid-term exams.


RyeSAC has planned for two more weeks of expanded pub nights. “We can’t keep trying stuff forever,” Asghar said.


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