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Oakham scraps expanded pub night

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By Wendy Heisler

RyeSAC didn’t want to see if the third time would be a charm in its attempt to add another room to pub night at Oakham House. A meager crowd entered Oakham last Thursday night only to see a dark and deserted Thomas lounge. However, many students didn’t think much about the absence of the extra room.

Amy Cole, a first-year radio and television arts student, said the second room was a good idea but she wasn’t too curious about its closure. She figured the idea just didn’t work. “They should give out numbered tickets at the door so that people can just hang out in the room while they’re waiting to get into the Ram [in the Rye], instead of standing in line.”

Atif Asghar, RyeSAV v.p. administration, said the expanded pub nights didn’t seem to be working. “I think it was hurting Oakham’s pub night more than it was helping it,” Asghar said. In the first week, a crowd showed up, but the DJ’s equipment didn’t. Lask week, the equipment arrived, but the crowd didn’t.

Asghar said the atmosphere of live DJs playing house music just wasn’t right for Ryerson students. He said RyeSAC may attempt to expand pub night next semester, but it will have to come up with a new concept that will appeal to students.

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