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By Eyeopener Staff

1978: Ryerson’s student union president Dave McCuaig announced he would no longer talk to Ryersonian reporters because he was tired of their inaccurate reporting.

“I think it’s time The Ryersonian grew up,” McCuaig said. “I just don’t have time for them any more.”

McCuaig was upset because The ‘Sonian slagged the student union for holding a referendum to ask for higher student fees.

1981: More than 150 angry students occupied the film and photography building at 122 Bond St. to protest funding cutbacks that eliminated 24-hour access to the labs.

“There’s absolutely no way we can get our work done without 24-hour access,” said Myron Hoffert, a second-year film.

Administration closed the building at night because there wasn’t a security guard available to watch over the students, but did say that they could change if students were willing to fork over $12,000 to pay for one.

1992: A female undercover security guard in the Ryerson bookstore was punched and kicked while trying to apprehend a student she caught stealing.

“He beat the crap out of my girl,” said Loss Prevention Services president Ron Harrington. “He thumped her, drove her with his fist and broke her glasses.”

The 6-foot-4, 200-pound student was arrested and was charged with theft and assault.

It was, however, a good week for the store’s undercover officers, who arrested three other people on charges of price tag switching and theft.

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