Aviva asks a stupid question (Nov. 28)

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I’m back! Sorry about the three-week hiatus everyone — direct your complaints to the Journalism faculty and tell them seven classes in one semester is just insanity.

Anyway, moving right along… I was asking around about Ryerson’s motto and could not get a straight answer anywhere. It’s something in Latin about hands and skills or something… Whatever it is, I think it sucks. As a new and developing school we need a new and exciting motto — and not these cheesy ad campaigns all over the subway and streetcars. “Wisdom. Applied.” has to be the worst yet. So I’ve set out and asked people what they feel Ryerson’s new motto should be. My vote is for “Ryerson- the R’s are silent.”

“Ryerson- shitty service, run like a business, no prayer room for Muslims!”

  • Dorito Henriques, 2nd year Fashion

“Ryerson- now with a Manchu Wok!”

  • Andy Lloyd, 2nd year Journalism

“Ryerson- it’s like high school you pay for!”

  • Stefanie Posinelli, 2nd year Journalism

The winner this week for best new motto gets a cactus. It’s about five inches tall and it’s really prickly. I’m sick of it and need to get it out of my room! So e-mail your suggestions for a new Ryerson motto to inwiththeclouds@hotmail.com and I’ll announce the winner in the next issue of the Eyeopener.

As for all you blatant self-promotionists who want their honorary doctorates — go out and make a big stupid movie or alter the course of South African history and then I’ll consider it!

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