Few fireworks sparked at RyeSAC debates

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By Jordan Heath-Rawlings

RyeSAC’s latest group of executive hopefuls went into Oakham House last Thursday night looking for a little political sparring.

Most of the executive candidates got off easy, however. Even Darren Cooney and Alex Lisman, two of RyeSAC’s current v.p.s competing for the position of president, escaped without a major grilling from the approximately 30 students who watched the debates.

The only truly heated exchanges came from Crystal Adair and Bruce Jolly, both running for v.p. student life and events.

Jolly is new to RyeSAC, although he said he has experience planning events from his time spent with Ryerson Indo-Canadian Student Association (RICSA), which he claimed was the second largest student group at Ryerson. Adair immediately questioned Jolly’s credentials on that statement.

“I’ve checked with Leatrice Spevack (RyeSAC campus groups administrator),” Adair said, “and she has no knowledge of that. So I don’t know how Bruce does.”

Adair, a member of RyeSAC for the past two years, said she plans to continue in the footsteps of her running mate, current v.p. of student events and life Darren Cooney. Jolly’s platform involves shaking up the status quo, and that put the two at odds.

“We’re getting by just copying what’s been done already,” Jolly said. “We’re the big kids on the block… We can do a better job.”

Jolly cited poor attendance and unimaginative events as some of RyeSAC’s shortcomings. Adair denied that, and said she wants to focus on more afternoon events for commuter students.

“Not all events have to be alcoholic,” Adair said. “There’s a lot we can do in the middle of the afternoon that doesn’t involve getting drunk.”

The only other candidates who faced any hard questions were those running for v.p. finance, all of whom wanted more money: Vishal Darji, to give more funding to student groups and Donald Kaye and Sajjad Wasti, who plan to increase bursaries.

Darji, running on a platform with fellow RICSA executive Jolly, said his funding plan was to scrimp and save. “I’ve learned how to budget money very well because of my work (with RICSA),” he said.

Kaye said his plan was to purchase the digital phone outside the RyeSAC office and generate between $20,000 and $30,000 a year by selling the advertising.

Wasti pointed out that Ryerson’s current food services contract with Aramark will be up soon, and suggested RyeSAC look into taking over that department.

“If we (take over food services), every time you buy a Coke, you’ll be contributing to a student bursary.”

The last debate was a non-debate. Current v.p. of finance, Ken Marciniek, running unopposed for v.p. education, made a quick speech and fielded questions regarding his preference of super powers, should he be given the choice.

“Now I really wish I’d read more comic books. Can’t I just go with Eric Cartman?” Marciniek asked.

“Screw you guys,” he said. “I’m going home.”

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