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By Amanda Groulx

The year-end interior design show is supposed to be a chance for graduating students to break into the business.

But with a running $4,000 deficit, their debut will be more of a pop. Y.E.S., the annual Interior Design Year End Show, is now in its 36th year. It showcases the work of the fourth-year interior design students so that they can make contacts with members of the industry.

Each year it is held by members of the graduating class, who are responsible for everything from planning to fundraising.

But, this year, securing funding for the show was particularly challenging. “A lot of out sponsors are repeat sponsors,” said Y.E.S. sponsorship chair, Heather Bezovie.

“Last year, we had some problems. So this year we’re making up for things our sponsors didn’t like.” Unable to rely on several repeat sponsors to fund the $30,000 show, the design students had to depend more heavily on fundraisers.

They have had several parties, released a calendar, held bake sales and even collected $10 from each fourth-year student in interior design. “It’s pretty impressive, actually. We’ve managed to hold an event almost every month,” fundraising chair Sarah Turnbull said.

Despite all this, the show was still $3 — $4,000 short of its goal on April 1, the deadline for new sponsors. Bezovie said some negotiations are still ongoing.

“We’re still in contact with a lot of our sponsors, completing negotiations for money through them,” she said. She believes some of these sponsors will come through before the show’s gala evening on April 27 at Berkeley Church (315 Queen St. E).

There will also be one last fundraiser, a pub night, this Friday at the Ram in the Rye. Organizers will be giving away prizes every hour, including tickets to Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab by Cutie.

Cover will be $3. More information about the year end show can be found at their website,

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