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Eyeopener Staff

We like waffles. A lot.

Strawberry waffles. Banana waffles. Chocolate chip waffles. All sorts of waffles. Hell, we’ll even settle for Eggo waffles.

If you’re anything like us (which you probably are), you like waffles too. And for the first time in a while, that’s what these RSU elections might be all about: waffles.

Lately it’s been hard walking around school without hearing about RSU presidential candidate Tom Dolezel and his campaign for waffle days on campus. It’s even harder not to notice his hilarious posters.

Tom, a professional skier, wants the Ryerson library to be open 24 hours a day. He wants students to receive free AMC movie passes.

And he wants to set up a Slip N’ Slide in the Quad.

Who could argue with a Slip N’ Slide?

The Undivided, RyeChange and The Future slates. That’s who.

You see, most of the other candidates probably see Dolezel as a joke candidate. He’s funny, he has a lot of enthusiasm, and his heart is in the right place. But none of them probably see him as a threat.

And it’s too bad, because we wish they would.

Unlike the other candidates, Dolezel tells us he wants to make sure our time at Ryerson is the best of our lives. And we actually believe him.

Unlike the other candidates, Dolezel is not a professional student politician. We can spend 15 minutes talking with him without hearing the words drop fees or audit or tuition.

Unlike the other candidates, Dolezel is probably the best example of a typical Ryerson student.

He can be your best friend having a pint with you at the Ram. And to be honest, we kind of wish he was ours. At a time when student politicians all seem like talking heads, Dolezel stands out. He’s our kind of president.

All week we’ve been hearing students saying they might go vote for the first time thanks to Dolezel.

We hope they do, and if you’ve never voted in an RSU election before, we hope you vote Dolezel too.

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