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Startup 101 By Evan Wynn Kosiner

Welcome to the market. It’s your Bar Mitzvah, Mazel Tov. Today you become a man or woman in bringing your product to the people.

Think of yourself as out on the prowl.

As we learned last week, I think I am adorable, but does everyone else? Ladies do you? (email me: ekosiner@ryerson.ca) Your life is generated by the way your community sees you. The opportunities they share with you are dictated by the way they see you.

Think of your product or service as a journey to the bar.

First be specific about your demographic. Older women love me but so do young hot girls. Who is your market? Facebook started with college students and expanded after it proved itself.

Second, look at your competition. At bars I have none. Well I do, except I’m ten times better than any of my competition. Is your competition skanky? Do they care more about looking good than they are with being your wing man? Can you partner with your competition for the sake of picking up hotties?

Look at the people you work with. Do they have big egos? As you have probably guessed, I definitely don’t have one. Can it work to your benefit?

I know this seems slightly ridiculous, but now when you see me at the bar, you know the way a young entrepreneur sees the world.

In my world I can do anything. I’ve gotten the hottest girl at the bar and I’ve got the greatest clients in the world.

And does it matter? Nope. Don’t lose sight of that by getting attached. It’s a game. Business is nothing more than Monopoly.

Have people say great things about you, but not at the cost of your own integrity. Have fun and don’t let business take up all your time. Create time for the people you love the most, including yourself.

Homework for this week: Treat your business like dating and see what pops up for you. It could be the love of your life.

If you have any questions about running your own business or have feedback for Evan, send an email to ekosiner@ryerson.ca

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