Recession still sucks

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By Vincent McDermott

There is still debate over how bad the recession currently is, but a recent survey found students are still worried about the economy.

Taken by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the survey found that 56 per cent of Canadian students said they were only slightly worried about the recession, while 33 per cent said they were very concerned.

“I am worried about the recession now and later,” said Basia Piekarski, a third-year psychology student. “I work part-time in retail and I see tons of people handing in resumes all the time and not getting an interview.”

Piekarski is also worried that the economy will affect her chances at getting a job after graduation, something 42 per cent of students also said in the survey. “There are a lot of people who graduate with a BA in psychology every year,” she said. “Unless you are able to get your masters, it’s very hard to compete.”

The survey also found that 41 per cent of students were spending less money and saving more. Students who said they had no extra money to save came in at 26 per cent.

Although the survey indicates concern among students, many of those surveyed are still optimistic. According to the survey, 28 per cent felt the economy will improve in the next nine to 12 months and another 28 per cent feel that a rebound will happen in the next six to nine months.

Students who did not believe the economy would influence their prospects for jobs related to their major were at 48 per cent. Michelle Craig, a third-year nursing student, pointed out that the province is in desperate need of nurses.

“I’m not as concerned as other students might be,” she said. “It’s September and I still have two years left. Hopefully the economy will be doing better at graduation.”

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