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There is a tendency to think business is strictly about money. And it is. But some people cross the line from just being committed to eating, sleeping and drinking money. There is a line and I want you to watch for it.

Let’s put some ideas about money to rest. First of all, there is a ton of money in the world. Second, people spend it on ridiculous things.

Money for me is the currency of what’s possible. I used to hate Rosedale and Yorkville due to how it walks, talks and even smells of green paper, until my friend Jeff got me clear on this. Growing up in Forest Hill, it was a bit of a different game. Yes, Forest Hill is one of the wealthiest areas of Toronto. But if you take a stroll through Forest Hill Village one can see quickly, it’s not about flaunting money. It’s about wearing Roots sweatpants and having fun.

I really get that money is the universal currency of whatever you think of being possible, being possible. With that said, you don’t need money to make things happen. There are always people willing to do it for free. And now you’re possibly thinking, “Hey Evan, really? Anything? Because I…” Don’t want to hear it. I say anything, and I mean anything. If you feel uncomfortable getting stuff for free, get off of it.

I really wanted to put together a band and get a venue for an event over the summer. What I found was I just needed to ask and not be attached to particular people being part of the band. What opened up for me was a space where musicians who had never met each other were getting something out of it. Even the people who walked all the audio-visual equipment (which was also free) down a flight of stairs.

Everyone had something at stake and was getting value from being there. Something that would have cost me thousands if I were to have hired everyone, was free.

People think I have money. There are times as an entrepreneur I’m rolling in it. And there are times I’m spending $80,000 a month with a lot coming in, but it isn’t keeping up with what I’m putting out.

I have the most fun working without money, pulling favours and making the impossible possible. Never let money get in the way of what you want in life. If you do, you deserve it and don’t bother emailing me because I won’t respond. Go create. Go have fun. Live without money being a barrier in your life.

Your homework for this week: find one thing in your life and without stealing, lying or cheating, have a conversation about getting it done for free.

If you have any questions about running your own business or have feedback for Evan, send an email to ekosiner@ryerson.ca

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