Walking in a gadget wonderland

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By Lauren Strapagiel

Google Wave invite

free from wave.google.com

So budget friendly that it’s actually free. Get in on the newest Google offering and beg your geeky friends for invites, or be a friend yourself and gift some out.

Google Wave can be used to work on group projects in real time without all having to be together. Plus, you can embed the latest Lady Gaga video from YouTube when things get dull.

Cooling Laptop Pad

$34.99 from bestbuy.ca

This laptop pad from Belkin will let you actually use your laptop where it belongs —on your lap — without the uncomfortable heat. This pad even includes a fan that plugs into a USB port.

This is also a plus for the guys on your gift list. Laptop heat transfer can raise scotal temperature by up to 0.7 C, threatening the well-being of the little swimmers inside.

Pulse smartpen

$149.95 from smartpencentral.com

The perfect excuse to slack off on note taking. The Pulse smartpen from Livescribe records audio as you write. Were you in another world when your prof said something important? Tap your doodles and the pen will play whatever was being said when you were in la-la land.

The starter kit gets you a 1GB pen and dotted paper needed for it to work.

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