10 Worst Movie Sequels

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By guest blogger Sonia Straface

Last week, you couldn’t go onto Facebook without being bombarded with links to the trailer for Mean Girls 2, causing fans of the original to wonder why they bothered tainting it with an awful direct-to-video sequel. But awful sequels are nothing new, and they won’t go away until Hollywood learns that slapping a ‘2’ after a movie title isn’t a formula for success. Here are 10 sequels that should never have made it past the casting process.

  1. Grease 2 – When Danny Zuko and gang sang, “tell me more, tell me more,” I doubt they meant it literally. The ending of Grease was concrete. An innocent Aussie crumbles under peer pressure and lands the hottest guy in school. What more is there to say?
  2. Speed 2: Cruise Control – Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were awesome in the original, a high action movie about a bomb on a bus that’d explode if the bus slowed down. Now, change the bus to a boat, and drop Keanu and we’ve got Speed 2. Same plot, different mode of transportation. Who signed off on this?
  3. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde Let’s admit it: Legally Blonde was inspiring. It showed us that a blonde sorority girl cannot only be gorgeous and rich, but also solve a murder, marry a hottie and graduate from Harvard Law School. Prada-clad women everywhere wanted to live that dream, until the sequel came out. Bad script. Boring plot. Big mistake.
  4. Bring It On Again – How exactly does one, “bring it on again”? Since the entire cast was replaced, did either team really “bring it on” in the first place? Two, four, six, eight! This movie’s plot was far from great!
  5. Butterfly Effect 2 – A unique philosophical story line and a talented (and high-paid) cast made the original a creepy masterpiece and  gave Ashton Kutcher his best role since That 70’s Show. The sequel however, seemed more like a soft-core porno. With two major sex scenes and a stripper sequence, the Butterfly Effect 2 trumped the original only in awkwardness.
  6. Basic Instinct 2 – The directors knew they’d make a killing in the box office with all the perverts who came to see Sharon Stone’s hoo-ha one more time. Unfortunately the perverts were left unsatisfied, and so was the rest of the audience.
  7. Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd – The prequel to the original is just as the tagline says, “the evolution of dumb”.
  8. The Godfather III – Francis Ford Coppola turned his critically-acclaimed trilogy into a laughing stock after this film. The problem? He gave his daughter, Sofia Coppola, a lead role. Luckily she learned her lesson and now sticks to directing. Let’s pray it stays this way.
  9. Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves – Didn’t the characters learn not to play with homemade electromagnetic rays after they shrunk their kids and then blew up their baby in the first movie?
  10. Batman & Robin – Four words: nipples on the Batsuit.

Photo by Marta Iwanek

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