2010 Holiday Gift Guide

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Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the geek in your life? We’ve got you covered. Biz and Tech editor Matthew Braga suggests some cool and quirky gift ideas that are sure to intrigue and impress everyone on your list


You get enough lame sweaters and pajama pants as it is over the holidays, so we’re going to suggest something a little cooler. Or, well, nerdier. Online stores like Threadless and Think Geek have a great selection of nerdy T-shirts for all your tech-savvy friends — from Mario Kart-inspired designs to obscure Linux-themed jokes. As a bonus, each shirt gives +10 to awesomeness — and you don’t even have to roll for initiative!


Console games aren’t cheap these days — which means there’s no better time to give the gift of Mac or PC gaming. Steam, the popular online video game distribution service, has some of the best deals around this time of year, with many great tiles going for $5 or less — including multi-game bundles too!


Forget Xbox or PlayStation — if you really want to make someone smile, give a little retro cheer this holiday season. Older consoles are every bit as awesome as their modern-day counterparts, and some of the best games ever made can still be found on systems like the Super Nintendo or PlayStation 2. A Sega Dreamcast, for example, is less than $75 on eBay, with extra controllers and games included. How’s that for a creative gift on the cheap?


Smartphone users know that touch screens and gloves just don’t mix. So-called capacitive technology relies on the human body’s conductive abilities to work correctly — something most gloves just don’t have. Except this pair, that is. Available from dotsgloves.com, these gloves actually have conductive material embedded in each finger; not even the winter weather can stop your Angry Birds marathon now.

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