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Even if you love your program, getting to school can feel like an hike through the Himalayas.

Ryerson is widely known for being a commuter school.  It’s also widely known that commuting sucks.

But maybe this week’s list will make you feel better. You are not alone. Unless, of course, if you live in Newmarket or Burlington… in which case, good luck to you and get home safe!

10 reasons why commuting sucks

10. The wait. You’re standing at the bus stop. It’s January, and the most depressing thing you’ve ever seen is that grey, dreary sky. Or it’s snowing and you’re freezing your ass off. Or, it’s raining and your carefully-styled hair is now a frizz monster.

9. The hate. You didn’t know what hate was until first year. You wake up a few hours early to get showered, get dressed and get to school on time. That kid from rez, however, stumbled in a half-hour late in his PJs. Possibly wearing flip-flops even though it’s winter. Grr.

8. The delays. Cold weather causes a subway shutdown in Scarborough, or track problems for the GO train. Suddenly, you’re wondering if it’s even worth it to get to class if you’re going to be an hour late.

7. The passengers. You’re forced to ride in close contact with smelly guy. Or yelling woman. Or that class of Grade 4 students on their way to the ROM for a field trip.

6. The sleep deprivation. Let’s say you’re working late downtown. You leave at 11 p.m. You get home at 1 in the morning. Waking up for your 8 a.m. class the next day is brutal.

5. The mindset. You get to school, you go to school, you go home. Rinse and repeat.

4. The social impact, part 1. You have to leave the party before the fat lady sings… or in this case, before the drunkest kid pukes. And everything gossip-worthy happens after you’re gone.

3. The social impact, part 2. You never get involved with anything. You don’t even know things are happening on campus most of the time.

2. The wasted time. You’re wasting countless hours getting from point A to point B. Yes, you could finish your readings but that woman next to you looks like she’ll eat you if you rummage around in your backpack.

1. The “stranded downtown” feeling. Sometimes, you do miss last train. Sometimes, you end up sleeping on some random dude’s floor, wishing you were curled up at home.

How crappy is your commute? Or do you have something else you want to see listed? Send your ideas to online@theeyeopener.com. You can also find us on Facebook, or on Twitter [@theeyeopener].

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  1. sums up my life just about perfectly.. my drive in from east Hamilton ranges from 45min to more than 2 hours some days – all in the name of edumacation!

    1. yep this pretty much sums it all up. Commute from Mississauga to TO and back = 3 hours a day

  2. 3 hours a day spent commuting from Whitby to Toronto. However much more time is spent if my train gets me to Whitby past 730pm. Durham Transit sucks monkey balls and amalgamates 3 routes past 730.
    Eg. Leave Toronto on 713pm train.
    Arrive in Whitby at 8.
    Bus comes at 830.
    Arrive home shortly after 9.
    Result: 2 hours commuting one way and
    one pissed off student.

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