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Ever wonder who’s behind the student newspaper you love/hate? Well, we don’t bite and we want you to get to know us.

In this part of our ongoing series, you’ll meet Ian Vandaelle, our new Biz and Tech editor.

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. But then, no one knew that I was coming in either. My name is Ian Vandaelle, and I’m the new Biz & Tech editor at the Eyeopener. I’m joining part way through the semester, as our previous editor, Brad Whitehouse, needed to leave due to other responsibilities (his animal husbandry hobby has really gotten out of control).

So, onto me: I’m a third-year journalism student from the backwoods of Alberta. I love beer, hockey and writing, and though I’ve spent gobs of time at the Eyeopener this year, this is my first stint as an editor here.

You like tech news and geek-out goodies? This is the place. You like hearing about what the business school is doing? You don’t? Too bad, this is the place for that too. I’ll be providing you with your weekly fix on what’s going on with Ryerson in the world of technology and business and I’ll continue to recommend cool technology to help get you through the long, cruel days here at Rye High.

Also: feel like you have something to contribute to the Biz & Tech section? Email me at

Or even better – stop by the Eyeopener, join in on a game of foosball and talk story ideas with me. I’m the dude with the beard.


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