Video: Steam Whistle keg winner

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We invited the winner of our Steam Whistle Super Sunday contest to the office to accept his prize.

Our runners-up are:

Mark Lahn:

My procrastination has gone out of control. I am constantly putting off assignments because I read The Eyeopener all day. Your Twitter account keeps me so busy with 1000 tweets a day that I can never look away. I feel that The Eyeopener is the best and worst thing to happen to me.

Lee-Anne Dyke:

To avoid studying I have done many things. One of the most notable would be during the exam period I was looking for anything at all to do to avoid studying and I chose to go online and take my boating exam test. This was an incredible waste of time because I do not own and boat, know anyone who owns a boat, or ever plan to own a boat. Needless to say I am now certified to drive a water craft and spend some time avoiding the books.

Jessica Devnani:

Before beginning my homework, I often peruse through craigslist. I start off in the free section, and venture out to retrieve some piece of crap that someone near me has posted. I then move onto the jobs section and apply to all the posts promising easy money, yet are most likely scams, but hey you never know.

I then click onto the personals section and reply to all the m4w ads with my fake email, telling them I want to do them later that day, and provide them with the number of the rejection hotline. Then I begin studying.

Claire Klein Gunnewiek:

I put some Otis Redding on the speakers. I make up the room, tidy up, maybe even dust. Answering some tests, while just getting around to reading my texts, there’s a bar to go to, poutine to be eaten, beer to be drank – good beer. I’m gone.

And a word from our winner, Bryan Lee


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