Are you the Ryersonian of the year?

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By Allyssia Alleyne
Community Editor

When our Editor-in-Chief called me into her office to discuss our pick for Ryersonian of the Year, I wasn’t sure how to react. This was partly because I’d never heard of the award before, but mostly because I had no idea how we were going to decide on our official nominee.

Here’s a bit of a history lesson to help you understand our conundrum. Every year since 1975, the Ryerson Faculty Association bestows upon someone the title of Ryersonian of the Year.

Winners are individuals who have worked to better Ryerson or their community over the past year, be it through volunteer work or their paid post.

Those selected are typically profs and other university big wigs, but they don’t have to be. A kindly personnel worker won in 1976 because everyone found her to be very sweet and helpful.

The lucky winner doesn’t win any cash or get a golden statuette to put on their mantel, but there is a certificate or plaque involved, as well as the pleasure that comes from having one’s hard work acknowledged.

In short, Ryersonian of the Year is the kind of thing that looks good on a resumé. But how do we choose who to recognize when there are many people doing good things but only one prize to be won?

Is the person spearheading an

important student campaign more important than the professor that continues to educate and enchant her students week after week?

Is the person who brings the most athletic accolades to Ryerson more important than the most cheerful and benevolent student on campus? It’s hard to decide.

So this year we’ve decided to let you decide. Here’s your chance to shine a light on the person who has made a difference in your life here at Ryerson

It doesn’t have to be someone with a lofty title or a lot of power. Heck, they don’t even need to go here. (It’s true. Look it up.)

And yes, you can nominate yourself. All you need to do is write us an email ( or send us a video explaining why your pick should win by March 24. We’ll then profile the top three candidates in the paper on March 30, and choose the best candidate as our Eyeopener nominee. Easy, right?

Good luck, and happy nominating!

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