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Frosh: Places on campus you don’t want to forget

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Starting fresh in a new campus can be daunting. It’s a new city full of new people and new experiences. But student handbooks fail to tell you the truth behind designated “quiet studying” spaces, or that classroom chairs weren’t designed for napping, or even that the cleaning staff sometimes forget to clean a toilet or two.

Here’s the low down on some secret (or not so secret) campus spots for you froshies to remember.

If you have to go, you have to go. You may be breaking the seal after an hour of drinking, or maybe you ate something your parents would not have approved of. Regardless what the circumstance is, you want to pop-a-squat somewhere clean.

If you’re up for a trek, the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRS), located beside the Eaton Centre, has been known for having an abundance of clean bathrooms. If you want to go somewhere closer to campus, take a walk over to Oakham House (OAK). The bathrooms on the main floor in between Thomas Lounge and Oakham Cafe are usually spotless and always have a full stack of paper towels. That being said, many of you froshies will probably spend lots of time in rez. Pitman hall is open 24/7, so take advantage of their bathrooms, then crash on the couches after a late night of studying.

If those couches are all occupied, try booking out a study room in the Library. You’ll have an undisturbed nap for at least two hours.

If you’re really desperate, take a walk over to the Kerr Hall East (KHE) basement. Engineers have been known for crashing in the dark “dungeon”.

The Student Campus Centre (SCC) is always a safe bet. There are couches located in the basement, the main floor, and the second floor. Group them together, and you’re good to go.

Don’t be alarmed if or when security wakes you up. It’s their job to distrub your sleep. But if you can get a few minutes of snooze in before coming back to reality, then mission accomplished.

Quiet places are hard to come by on campus. There are tons of “student designated” spaces, but when you actually need to get work done, where do you go? The library has quiet floors (which are also good for napping), Kerr Hall, and Victoria Building (VIC) have an abundance of empty classrooms and there are even some study spaces in the Engineering building (ENG).

The main thing to remember is there is tons of space on campus, hidden gems, and cool people. Don’t be afraid to walk around or put in a complaint when you find that a certain bathroom has been neglected for what looks and smells like months.

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