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Ryerson gets Reddited

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By Sarah Del Giallo
Biz & Tech Editor

A favourite website of procrastinators has improved once again. has created subreddits for universities as a contest to see which university can have the most readers by Oct. 24, 2011.

Reddit is a forum where subscribers (or “redditors”) can post photos, questions, comments, or anything else they like for others to view. A “subreddit” is a Reddit forum with a specific topic or community for readers to follow and post to.

The Ryerson subreddit was established about three years ago, and has a small online community of just over 100 readers. Although established previous to the contest, the school can still compete.

Alex Loree, a third-year aerospace engineering student likes to browse Reddit occasionally for light entertainment.

“There’s kind of goofy stuff going on,” he said.

By comparison, Ryerson is beating York University’s 84 readers, but is falling far behind U of T’s 640 readers.

Prizes will be awarded for best percentage growth, best absolute growth and an admin’s choice award.

Prizes include school colours on the Reddit site, and boxes of Reddit merch for the school to distribute.

Loree said the Ryerson subreddit is a good forum because it provides an option of Ryerson-centric posts.

He said to see a picture or a post and to know where it happened on campus would be an interesting use for the forum.

With his heavy workload, Loree said Reddit and sites like it are a nice release from the grind of school. While the Ryerson subreddit isn’t substantial, it does provide the potential for an entertaining online community for the university.

“It’s a nice break from all the seriousness I have to deal with,” said Loree.

The Eye’s Reddit challenge

So here’s the deal: Ryerson’s subreddit kind of blows. Hard. The reader base is measly and the posts are boring as hell. Here is our challenge to you.

Part One:

Pass the word out to your friends to get on Ryerson’s subreddit. We want to beat out U of T with all of their boring history and whatnot. Ryerson is artsy and technologically proficient. Our community should have no problem with this.

Part Two:

Let’s make our subreddit a little more entertaining. No more self promoting and “I need a friend” crap. Start posting funny, random and interesting text and pictures. Otherwise who the fuck cares?

At the end of Reddit’s contest, the Ryerson poster with the best post (in our opinion) will win an Eyeopener prize pack. The prize for more readers than U of T? Friggen bragging rights. So hop on this badass bandwagon and let’s see if Ryerson has a community to be proud (or mildly embarrased) of.

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