The month to be mo’ of a gentleman

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Ryerson students are preparing their faces for a month-long feat to grow the best ‘stache they can, all in an effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Imran Khan reports

The Copstash. The Handlebar. The Chaplin. The Fu Manchu. It’s that time of year again Ryerson: the month of Movember.

For those who don’t know, every year November becomes “Movember,” an entire month where men around the world grow moustaches in hopes of raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

The movement started in 1999 by a group of men from Adelaide, Australia.

It quickly snowballed after the birth of the Movember Foundation Charity in 2004 which sought global participation from men.

Since 2004, Movember has raised more than $176 million globally that has gone towards education initiatives, awareness programs and research of prostate cancer. Last year Canadians raised over $22 million.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to afflict Canadian men.

The rates of prostate cancer in men are comparable to rates of breast cancer in women.

Statistics show that this year 25,500 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in Canada and 4,100 men will die of the disease.

Ryerson students who have taken the plunge in previous years said the atmosphere surrounding the month is well worth being a part of.

“It’s for a great cause and plus my girlfriend can’t complain about how hairy I get,” said Jodh Anandjit, a second-year civil engineering student.

Anandjit describes the month as being part of a brotherhood, giving subtle acknowledgment to his fellow mo’s as he passes them on campus.

“There’s camaraderie amongst students, especially in the engineering department; it’s kind of like an arms’ race, but it’s a healthy competition.”

Even those students that have a hard time growing a respectable amount of hair still take up the challenge.

“I started with a bare chin and ended the month with 10 hairs,” said Jordan Heywood, a third-year social work student.

Despite Heywood not reaching legendary status of moustache deities likes Tom Selleck or German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, he still continues to set goals for every Movember.

“This year I hope to grow something that people can see two feet away from my face,” he said.

The Ryerson Athletics Department is also making a stronger commitment this year according to Robby Earl, the mens’ volleyball team captain.

“Last year we raised a few hundred dollars as a team. This year the entire athletic department is coming together, so we are hoping to raise a lot more.”

Earl, despite describing his moustache as “slightly terrible,” encourages newcomers to get involved.

“Students should definitely pool together and form teams to raise as much as they can.”

Beyond the facial hair, many students are taking this Movember seriously while also trying to have some fun at the same time.

“I have had a friend within my circle that was affected by cancer,”said Heywood.

“My stake in this month is to be an ally and a friend to the cause.”

So to all my fellow MObros, no matter how itching your face gets, no matter how goofy your mo looks, try to raise as much awareness and money as you can.

Remember, beards are for barbarians.

True gentlemen always rock a ‘stache.

Six Commandments

Rule 1: The moustache region and handlebar zone must be completely shaven and clean on “Shadowe’en”

(Oct. 31) in preparation for the start of Movember.

Rule 2: For the entire month, each “MObro”

(moustache brethren) must grow and groom a

moustache. Absolutely no hair should be grown in the goatee zone.

Rule 3: There is to be no joining of the moustache to the sideburns.

Rule 4: Handlebars cannot be joined at the chin.

Rule 5: Each “MObro” must conduct himself in the fine art of manliness throughout the duration of the month and promote true gentleman prowess.

Rule 6: No matter how ridiculous or poor the attempt made by your boyfriend, brother, father, uncle, professor or friend is, try to remember ladies, it’s for a good cause. Women that stand in solidarity with MObros are designated the title “MOsistas”.

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