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After exploding onto the porn scene only a year-and-a-half ago, Nicole Aniston is a rising star in the adult industry. The 24-yearold chatted with Sports Editor Gabriel Lee about our Love & Sex issue topics

Eyeopener: What advice do you have for university students when it comes to love and relationships?

Nicole Aniston: In a relationship, when you’re dating, it’s appropriate to look for someone who adds something to you. But in a friendship it’s got to be a 50/50 and not necessarily an achievement of something physical or mental. For a very short period of my life I stretched myself very thin but now my loyalty to people is very selective.

Eyeopener: Why do you think women don’t watch and enjoy porn as much as men do?

Nicole: They definitely don’t because it’s more engrained in the male brain to have more testosterone and therefore desire more visual stimulus. Young women are getting more into [porn] to learn, they want to get more hip with what men are expecting. A lot of younger women go into new relationships looking to live up to a certain standard and hoping to exceed expectations. As young men grow up, they get ideas from these films. Some of them appropriate and some of them unrealistic.

Eyeopener: What are your thoughts on marrying young?

Nicole: I think that there’s a time and a place for marriage. There is a very slim circumstance when a man and a woman get married very young, stay married and have a very compatible relationship. But there’s so much growing between 20 and 30. I’ve seen my perspective change greatly in the last three, four years in terms of what I want in a partner and what I want to do with my own life. I know that if I had gotten married at 19 or 20, college age, I most likely would not still be married to that person.

Eyeopener: How do you tell if someone is genuinely complimenting your beauty?

Nicole: I hear them so much, they usually go in one ear and out the other. If you think about how many girls these producers and photographers have dealt with in their careers, you realize their patterns. If you go onto a set and no one tells you you’re beautiful, you’re not going to want to pose. But after a while, you just have to stop believing it. I know I have to look a certain way for shoots, I don’t need compliments to help me look that way.

Eyeopener: Does a man being circumsized or not affect your perpection of him?

Nicole: In general no, I don’t make any assumptions either way when I see it. There has been a couple circumstances when the latter wasn’t very hygienic, but that’s just that person on an individual level. It’s the same with a girl with a little extra down there, it’s kind of the same basic idea. I don’t have any pre-conceived notions.

Eyeopener: What did you do before getting into porn?

Nicole: I was a banker, and I’ve always done customer service and stuff like that. Eyeopener: Before being honoured at the Adult Video News awards, did you feel you were underappreciated for your work? Nicole: I don’t really care as much as I should. There are still some major companies I haven’t shot for yet. It stretches out the longevity of my career by not being “overshot.” So it’s yes and no. There are some people who still haven’t heard of me and that’s okay, I’m just enjoying the journey.

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