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Oh, the wonderful world of the Interwebs. What would the tech generation do without them?

Lucky for you, Ryerson has set you up to be totally and constantly wired. If you are living under a rock and don’t have a smartphone or laptop with which to use these services, there are computer labs throughout the Library and Kerr Hall — just make sure they’re actually open when you need them.

For the other 99 per cent of you, keep your gadgets with you at all times. Upon moving into residence, froshies will (hopefully) have noticed that they have access to high speed Internet in their rooms. Unfortunately, this service requires an archaic Ethernet cable that will hook up to a panel in your room.

You’ve already paid for “ResNet” in your housing fees, but that cord is going to cost you extra. You can find them for anywhere from $20 to $50 at Future Shop (10 Dundas St. E) or Best Buy (65 Dundas St. W). The downside is that this super reliable high speed restricts you to your room and, depending on the length of your cable, your desk.

Fear not, because the entire campus is equipped with a wireless network dubbed RU-Secure, and hanging out in your floor’s lounge has been occasionally known to grant you with a magical connection.

You can also sign into the university’s network from anywhere on campus using the same username and password as your RAMSS and RMail accounts. Though it hasn’t always been the most reliable of networks, Ryerson’s Computing and Communications Services (CCS) have been hard at work since last year adding new wireless access points to make your campus browsing experience a better one.

They are also the goto for any of the many problems Ryerson has with our Internet. So whether you’re browsing Facebook in class, streaming shows in the quad or downloading porn anyplace your screen is hidden, take a moment to thank CCS, the

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