J is for Jobs!

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The first week of school is tough. You may have just dug deep into your bank account to pay for those tuition fees and residence fees. You have an OSAP loan but the reality of having to pay it all back is seriously bringing you down. Even worse, you’ve created a budget for yourself and realize you can’t really afford to get plastered all that much this school year. Oh god.

But no need to fret! Ryerson Career Development and Employment Centre can help you find a job to build those savings back up. And saving is fun. So is spending money on alcohol.

The centre’s website has tons of tips to help you start your job search off right. They offer advice like how plan your career, how to build your resume, how to create a portfolio, and how to evaluate a job offer. If the tips on the website aren’t enough, students may book an appointment to meet with a career counselor in person.

There are also on-going job fairs at Ryerson throughout this school year. The first is on Sept. 13 and employers will be looking to hire students for part-time or seasonal positions. Later on in the year, the job fairs will target students in certain programs, like Engineering and Marketing to help students find work and experience in their field.

Or, if you feel like searching for a job online? There’s a student job board on the Career Development and Employment Centre website. The jobs are divided into workstudy campus jobs and non-work study campus jobs. The work-study program provides on campus, career-related part-time jobs to students in financial need.

Non-work study jobs are offered to all students. A lot of off-campus jobs are out there, too. Try looking for job ads on Kijiji or Craigslist, or just taking a good ol’ walk around downtown to see if any now hiring signs cross your eye.

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