O is for Oakham!

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So you’re tired of choosing between wraps and pizza and wishing the pasta special in Pitman was open 24/7. ILLC is slowly losing its appeal and you’ve even started buying some groceries from Metro, even though you know you should probably be eating through your meal plan. You go to the ram as often as humanly possible, but you never have time to wait for food there. My friends, let me introduce you to what may be one of the few saving graces of Ryerson’s often horrendous meal options – Oakham Café.

Oakham is a little café tucked into the SCC (Student Community Centre – the giant glass building on Gould Street which the RSU like to pimp out), which is one of the few places you’ll manage to get solid food at a reasonable price on your meal plan. If you’re willing to brave the epic trek across Church Street to walk there from res, it will generally be well worth your while, with fan favourite such as the fettuccini alfredo and paninis for well below $10.

Oakham also serves a kick-ass breakfast for those mornings you really need a pick-me-up, featuring all the classics – eggs, toast, hashbrowns, bacon etc. It isn’t threestar cuisine, but the food is actually good — seriously.

In other exciting news, the café recently underwent a $50,000 renovation in September 2011, which expanded and improved the dinning space, meaning more room and service for you — Ryerson’s frosh.

While often full, the café now generally has seating available if you’re fancying some enjoyable and affordable meals which probably won’t make you question your choice in university.

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