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Y is for You

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You’re great. And you deserve to treat yourself like it. That’s why you should take care of yourself, during Frosh week and the rest of the year


Take a break from studying (or partying) and let yourself rest. Sleep is crucial for a healthy immune system (who wants to be sick during frosh?!) and also to maintain a healthy weight. It’s also important for retaining information. According to a Harvard University study, it’s more difficult to take in new information after a bad sleep, but it’s just as crucial to sleep well after learning something new to remember the information. Naps are great too. A twenty minute power nap makes all the difference.


Smell burgers, salty stir-fry, and pizza? You’re probably in a Ryerson cafeteria. So when you go to spend your meal plan dollars, A.K.A Monopoly money, on food, it can prove tricky to make a healthy decision. Ignore your floor-mate’s text asking if you want to make a ruwn to the candy bar in Pitman Cafeteria and try eating from Ryerson’s only salad bar in Maggie’s Eatery (hooray! One salad bar!) instead. Even better, buy some of your own food to cook. Your mood and energy levels will be top-notch.


If you live in residence – and this is no exaggeration – most of your fellow froshies will likely be drunk, even mildly, for at least 10 hours a day. If you’re one of them, that’s great. When will it ever be socially acceptable to be drunk for a week straight again? Hardly ever. But if you didn’t drink very much in high school, don’t go overboard just to fit in. If residence staff sees you too drunk, they’ll call paramedics and assume you have alcohol poisoning. You’ll then be charged for the ambulance fee, too.

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