Meet Ryerson’s Rebecca Black. PHOTO: MIKAILA KUKURUDZA

Ryerson’s own Rebecca Black

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By Jacob Cohen

Fridays have been scientifically proven to be the best day of the week – just ask Rebecca Black.

After waking up at 7 a.m., she goes downstairs to have her cereal – looking fresh, as always.

Although 2011 is long gone, Rebecca Black is making headlines once again.

You may have seen her around Ryerson’s Ram in the Rye or Oakham Café, or in her offi ce on the second fl oor of the Student Campus Centre (SCC). That’s because Rebecca Black is the assistant food and beverage manager for both restaurants in the SCC – not the American teen who once took the internet by storm.

Living in the shadow of a celebrity isn’t easy. For starters, there are always important decisions to be made – like whether to sit in the front seat or the back seat. Then of course, there’s the entourage. Black is constantly being heckled by crazed fans looking for a little love. After the hit single Friday was released, she received dozens of tweets and emails.

“I get a lot of friend requests and messages saying, ‘I’m such a big fan, please add me!”‘ Black said over a free cup of coffee at the Ram – one of the many perks that come with fame.

Black, a graduate of Ryerson’s journalism program, used to live a tranquil life before that fateful Friday. Some messages she has received are humorous, while others have been downright misleading.

Black received an email from an individual wanting to start a podcast project. Given her degree and previous experience in radio, she was excited about the proposition.

“I said ‘Oh that sounds great, I’m interested, but I’m sorry I don’t know you, who sent you my way?’ And he said ‘I’m just a nobody, but I really need your star power to make this project happen.’ Then I realized he thought I was the [famous] Rebecca Black,” Black said.

Rebecca Black may have dragged the name down into infamy, but Ryerson’s Rebecca Black has enjoyed the ride. She’ll even crack a Friday joke every now and then – after all, she is always ready to get down.

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