An April Fools' joke most cruel. PHOTO COURTESY TWITTER

You got Goslinged

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By Nicole Schmidt

Ryan Gosling — a name that makes many salivate at mention.

The insanely attractive 33-year-old is known for being a talented actor, but that’s not his only skill. As the star of many people’s celebrity fantasies, Gosling has created quite the following for himself over the years.

Using this to their advantage, RU Student Life decided to get into the April Fools’ Day spirit by tweeting that Gosling was on campus. The tweet was accompanied by a photo-shopped image of Gosling with a student in the Ryerson Students’ Union office.

While some were quick to catch on, many believed the scam and were prepared to leave class to hunt down their “future husband.” Within an hour, over 200 people were tweeting about Gosling’s supposed visit to campus.



The joke may have been all in good humor, but for some, April fools 2014 marks the day that dreams were crushed.

Well played, RU Student Life. Well played.


Honorable April Fools’ Day prank mentions

Google Maps: Google announced that they were looking for a new “Pokemon Master” — someone who is indeed the very best. Participants must search Google Maps in order to find Pokemon and catch them all. The alleged prize? A job at Google.

TTC: The TTC announced that they would close certain subways stations and turn the platforms into condos.

The University of Vermont: The university revealed plans to creating an innovative new food product on campus by recycling the ice rink to make snow cones.

Fido: Hoping to appeal to cat lovers, Fido announced they would be changing the mascot of their brand from a dog to a cat. The best part? The new slogan for the company would be “yes we cat.”

The Guardian: In light of Scotland voting on becoming independent from Britain come the fall, The Guardian reported that driving laws in the country will also change. Cars will begin driving on the right side of the road instead of the left.



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