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8 reasons you should love Ryerson

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By Natalia Balcerzak

For years, Ryerson has been known as “Rye-High” (and with one step into Kerr Hall it makes sense) but we’re long past its high-school reputation. Attracting an increasing number of students each year to its downtown hub, Ryerson has developed into a school that is worthy of bragging about to your friends.

Since this generation loves lists, here’s one that you should pin up to remind yourself what a great choice you made to attend this academic institution:

1) We have everything
With your atypical urban campus right by the buzz of Yonge-Dundas Square, Ryerson is in the middle of it all. From free concerts to flame jugglers, the sparkling lights of those giant billboards can convince anyone to join the glamorous city life. A dull day has never been heard of in the heart of Toronto. Tourists want to be us.

2) Shop ’til you drop
Ripped your coat, book bag, striped socks and fedora into shreds getting off the subway? Step into the Eaton Centre and discover racks of whatever you need to ease that painful loss. No other university has a giant mall in its front yard with more than 300 stores and services. That five hour break between classes may not seem that bad, but do your wallet a favour and save those retail therapy sessions for emergencies only. Instead, test out how quickly you can get banned from the mall by spinning yourself around in the revolving doors.

3) Food, food, food
Not everybody likes their soggy home-made lunches, but bordering the campus we have the luxury of dozens of food options begging for a taste. Restaurants, bars, cafes, tea shops and even the occasional food truck are at our command. Please note that hunting squirrels and pigeons is heavily frowned upon — leave that to the professionals.

4) Classes in the movie theatre
Attending class in a giant cinema is every kid’s dream come true. Sitting on a red-velvet cushioned throne after being squished like a sardine while battling the city crowds is great. To add to your childhood fantasy, you can buy buttered popcorn and licorice during your lecture break. Do your best to not fall asleep, because there will be someone in class waiting to post a picture of your drool on Instagram.

5) Samples everywhere
They say that the best things in life are free, and Ryerson has a lot of that. Every corporation wants to convince us that we will never be the same once we try their product. Take advantage by learning to smile and nod with amazement. There will be a never-ending rainfall of free pizzas, bottle openers, frisbees, iced-coffees, granola bars and whatever else businesses think will make you a better person.

6) Gould Street is beautiful (no matter what they say)
You’ve probably already noticed the strange placement of colour on our pedestrian street and unfortunately, it’s not an abstract artistic movement. Leaving that troublesome case behind, there’s a lot to adore if you don’t stare at your feet. Gould Street keeps the school spirit alive with blueand gold umbrellas, skateboarders at Lake Devo, and the rush of fellow Ryerson students.

7) We’re known to have “hands-on” learning
Ryerson’s programs have built their reputation by avoiding the old fashioned structure of dusty books. By leaving the classroom, we experience learning in a more memorable and effective way. We get the practice that we need and employers are aware of that, leading many Ryerson students to be hired before graduation. Just keep your hands off the used cigarettes on the ground – they won’t do any good before a job interview.

8) Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
There may be no official study to prove this yet, but Ryerson has the highest percentage of beautiful looking people in the world. This downtown university lifestyle attracts only the fiercest personalities, specifically those that are willing to jay-walk through streets of on-coming traffic. Lingering outside of our campus, we have the many faces of Yonge-Dundas and the neat buskers that we all secretly gawk at.

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