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Feng Shui: How to empower and revitalize your life

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By Julia Tomasone

With a few more weeks to go until the end of the semester, it’s tough to ditch the stress and make time to detox. By simply changing your space around, it can make a big difference on your overall being. For some, Feng Shui has been the go-to room design guide for centuries.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and study of the environment. It deals with the flow of energy created by the arrangement of a given space and how it affects people in it.

Whether it helps you stay focused or not, it’s easy to apply the basics (and it also gives you another reason to procrastinate). Take a step towards zen and learn how to Feng Shui-ify your life with these tips below.

Let it shine:

  • Lighting has an influence on how you feel and work. Bright light stimulates the mind, whereas a dim environment can strain your eyes and trigger negative thinking.
  • Eliminate fluorescent light bulbs as they leave a cold feeling in a room. Using full-spectrum lighting is better because it is less harmful and can reduce stress.
  • If you lack windows, adding mirrors will reflect sunlight and brighten a room.
  • Salt lamps are a good source of gentle ambient lighting, plus they purify the air.
  • Candles warm up the energy of a space and can help relieve stress. Keep in mind that many candles contain harmful toxins, so burn natural wax and oils instead. By burning them at least 15 minutes before sleeping, you can shift the energy to get a better night’s sleep.


Photo: Julia Tomasone

Conquer the clutter:

  • In a messy room, it’s difficult to feel productive as Feng Shui works better in a cleaner space. Clutter is anything and everything you don’t use, need or want.
  • The best way to eliminate clutter is to set up a sorting system. Creating three piles labelled “trash, donation, and recycling” can be effective.
  • Electronics and exercise equipment should not be in your bedroom because they create a distributive vibe.
  • Avoid keeping your alarm clock and cell phone by your bedside since it may distract you at night. If you must have them near, keep them at least three feet away from where you sleep.


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Scents that make sense:

  • Certain smells have the power to either cleanse a space or intoxicate it. When a room smells musty and unpleasant, we’re repelled to spend time in it.
  • Our sense of smell has a direct connection to our brain as certain odours can trigger different feelings and responses.
  • For example: peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary are great for studying and can increase energy levels. Camomile and lavender are calming and help you unwind. Citrus scents have the ability to clear and freshen your mind. Artificial scented products can fill the air with toxic chemicals and cause damage to your health.
  • Aromatherapy is the diffusion of essential oils in the air. You can make a homemade aromatherapy spritz by mixing two teaspoons of citrus or essential oil with a cup of distilled water into a spray bottle.
  • Burning natural plant based incense is also another great way to create your desired atmosphere.


Photo: Julia Tomasone

The power of positioning:

  • A desk should be placed in a corner across from the main door with a clear view of the room. It’s important to establish a regular study area.
  • Feng Shui recommends that the bed should be against the wall and across from the door (but not aligned with it). Avoid placing your bed under a window, as it creates a feeling of vulnerability. Do not have anything protruding from the wall either.
  • Avoid “poison arrows” – having sharp corner of other furniture targeted towards your bed can direct negative energy when you sleep.
  • The power of positioning is based on the simple things, like moving that night table you trip over every morning. If something put you in a bad mood, your mood is bound to improve once it’s placed elsewhere.


Photo: Natalia Balcerzak

Colour your life:

  • A coat of paint in the right colour can balance the mind, body, and soul. Find colours that you’re attracted to and decorate your room with them.
  • Warm colours tend to be more inviting and comfortable:

– Red is considered to be a lucky colour.
– Orange is associated with creativity and happiness.
– Yellow is uplifting and stimulating.
– Pink is the colour of love and nurture.

  • Cooler colours are used to spark creativity:

– Blue is a calming colour and can bring you to a place of peace and serenity.– White is cleansing and linked to new beginnings.

– Black is protective and introspective.

– Brown and green are very balancing and grounding colours.


Photo: Julia Tomasone

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