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Ryerson takes over the Brunny

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By Caterina Amaral

Rainbow Christmas lights lit up the brick walls of The Brunswick House, known to some as The Brunny, as Ryerson’s own musicians took the stage.

On Nov. 7, Ryerson UNICEF and Ryerson Sociology Student Union (RSSU) came together with music to help fundraise with a showcase of local Toronto talent. They were raising money for nutrition and vaccinations for children in Iraq. All money raised by Ryerson UNICEF went towards the charity while the RSSU donated 10 per cent of their half.

Ariana Avola, third-year politics and governance student, sung and Carmen Oppedisano strummed his guitar as they performed six covers to suit a variety of music tastes. The acoustic duo goes by the stage name of Ariana & Carmen.

“We go from Taylor Swift to Young the Giant,” Oppedisano said.

The duo also came out for to support their friends that were performing and to help fundraise for the charity. Avola said that it felt right to do something good with music.

Used to being on stage with his band Little Boxer, Zachary Henderson, third-year politics and governance student, performed a solo acoustic set instead. His band members were in the crowd to support him as he sung and played his  guitar.

By 9 p.m., The Brunny had dozens of more people trickle in from the streets, luring them with the music.

Another solo-based artist, Matthew Winkler, performed acoustically. Following his act, he joined the crowd at the bar.

The community of musicians listened to his advice about being a musical artist.

“We’re in the business of having fun,” Winkler said. “We’re here for the same reasons everyone
else is except we have guitars.”

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