Down with Dara: The fine etiquette of sending nudes

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By: Bahoz Dara

Modern technology is such a gift; we now have the means with which we can combat disease, travel on a whim, and most importantly send highly graphic images of our reproductive organs at the drop of a hat.

Now currently we’re at a point in time that not only can we send photos of ourselves fully exposed in awkward positions through text and picture messaging, we also have the technology to do so via data messaging services, social networking sites, and various other applications.

With all these amenities cyberspace provides, how could our technologically dependent, sex-driven society not forward images of our genitals to one another?

As tempting as it is to quickly Snapchat the perfect mirror shot of you posing at a 45-degree angle in the bathroom of your beloved parents’ home, take the time to think it over.

As Kanye West once said, “When you take the picture, cut off our face, and cover up the tattoo by the waist.” What was it that the greatest musical artist of our generation was referring to you may ask?

Well, ladies, gentlemen and any and all genders not specified, Mr. West was simply outlining the standard protocol of a naked photo meant for digital sharing. Although Kanye states that you should make sure your face is not in the photograph, and that all identifiable markings are hidden, this does not have to be true for everyone.

Take any kind of photo you want, as long as it’s within your own comfort zone.  Another aspect one should consider when sending nudes is the person on the receiving end of this operation; do they really want to see whatever it is you’re offering?

Consent does not only apply to the physical act of sexual intercourse and you must always keep the thoughts and feelings of the other person in mind. Do not give unwanted sexual attention of any form. If this picture, video, and/or possible gif is something you are sure the other party wants to deposit in their spank bank, then by all means go forth.

The next thing you should contemplate is the level of trust you have in this person, and if that amount correlates with the quantity you feel comfortable with. If you even slightly suspect that said person(s) do not measure up, and would share your private media against your wishes, then I highly suggest you don’t click send.

However, if you don’t really care who sees you in your birthday suit and want to hand out your nudes like flyers to every consenting being you find sexually attractive, then you just go right ahead and proudly mass text away.

Now that it’s been established that all parties engaging in the transfer of nudes are comfortable and more than willing, proceed to slide into those DM’s, send those videos of you diddling your bits, snap that six second photograph of you spread-eagle in the back of a 2005 Ford F-150, or whatever it is you want to do.

Embrace your inner sexuality, express yourself in anyway you feel is appropriate!

Lastly, one little side note, if you don’t engage in the culture of sharing explicit photos, do not judge those whose values do not match up to yours; people send dirty, grimy, sexual photos, get over it. 

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