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People of Ryerson: Rymn Wadhwa

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By Anika Syeda

Thanks to her height, people usually think she’s in the seventh grade, but pint-sized Rymn Wadhwa is a first-year student in Ryerson’s business technology management program. She is possibly the only first-year student in the business program with puffy, pink hair.

An immigrant from North India, Wadhwa identifies as Canadian as there is little she recalls from her toddlerhood in her home country.

However, she maintains ties to her religious roots in various ways. Raised by Sikh ideals, Wadhwa wears a thin Kara, a steel bracelet worn by all initiated Sikhs, on her right arm.

Wadhwa acknowledges that Sikhism prohibits the cutting of hair and frowns upon bleaching and dying. “But it isn’t that I believe in god per say.” She said. “I like the ethics of the religion.”

To put it simply in her words “Sikhism is… really chill.”

Though she believes the hair is unconventional for a business setting, she keeps it pastel pink for her rock band Talkback Radio which she plans on renaming Best Friends with Benefits.

Ironically. Wadhwa is a business student with a head for engineering.

“Engineering makes sense for me because I get the iron ring which is really fashionable.” She said. “But business casual is pretty fashionable too.”

Oh, and she can do a backbend.

“I just want to be super multifaceted in case a random journalist comes up to me and starts asking me questions. But that’ll probably never happen.”

Mission accomplished, Wadhwa.

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