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People of Ryerson: Syona Abdeena

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By Ruth Remudaro

Eccentricity clearly runs through the veins of young Syona Abdeena with her ever-changing hair colour and pixie girl style.

Abdeena, 18, says that she has always loved making her own clothes. She is a first-year fashion design student and has had her eyes set on Ryerson for quite some time. After doing extensive research on the school’s fashion program and all its glory, she knew that getting in would be a dream come true.

Like most first-year students, Abdeen says, “The transition from high school to university can be a struggle but you learn so many new things along the way.”

She explains that the fashion program, like most programs at Ryerson, is a competitive one. She does her best to take advantage of all the little things the program provides for students.   “I’ve learned that showing up is half the battle and that sleep is for the weak,” she says when talking about her worth ethic and how not to fall behind.

“In this generation there are so many unconventional jobs for fashion design you just need to do what you love and not give up on it.”

Looking far into the future, she wants to pursue a career in designing children’s clothing. She says, “It’s an untapped profession with a small community.”

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