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People of Ryerson: Tyler Keating

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By Jake Kivanc

All of us sing in the shower, but more often than not, Tyler Keating finds himself singing in the studio.

Keating, 19, is a first-year media production student who finds himself juggling the schedule of an aspiring musician and that of a young adult in university.

“I’ve been working part-time, doing music, promoting the music, going to school. Plus, still trying to be social and make friends.” he said.

Since the early years of elementary school, Keating’s love for music has been the cornerstone of his life. At a young age, he was involved in musical theatre where he was encouraged to pursue a career in music.

As the years progressed, Keating became more interested in music and started to create his own cover versions of popular songs for his YouTube channel.

Although his parents were working full-time and couldn’t commit to fully overseeing his musical ambitions, Keating dedicated himself to spending hours on hours messaging other musicians and YouTubers to help create projects and share ideas.

“It was so early on,” he said. “Looking back, I definitely could have done a better job, but then I realized I wanted to get serious with it. I had to start investing myself in the music if I really wanted to get something out of it.”

Keating picked up a job at a movie theatre to help fund new equipment and production for his music. After enough persistence, he was able to get in contact with a number of producers and manager-types who helped him move to the next stage of production.

Since then, Keating has been able to produce a number of songs that have gotten internet buzz, the newest of which is a pop single called “Won’t Let You Go”.

Although Keating says he is happy with the progress, he notes that his career is largely a one-man show, with him operating the social media, promotion and production aspects of his music.

It’s a caveat he says he’s used to.

“The music industry is not the same as it was before,” he said. “You can still achieve a lot on your own – the power of the Internet and stuff – you just have to try. I have been for a bit and I’m not giving up. Just gotta stay on it.”

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