Member of the Muslim Students' Association at the Ospy awards.

Photo: Kosalan Kathiramalanathan

Orphan Sponsorship Program surpasses fundraiser goal

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By Kosalan Kathiramalanathan

On April 4, the Ryerson Orphan Sponsorship Program celebrated its first ever Ospy awards, to recognize key contributors for this year’s fundraiser.

The program, run by the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), managed to raise over $83,000 with the help of over 20 student groups, breaking the initial $80,000 goal. The funds went to sponsor 97 orphans this year. The money was raised through an on campus campaign and an online pledge campaign.

The awards started with members of the program recapping their memories of their journey throughout this year.

“How are we going to reach $80,000? No way, we’re a bunch of students,” said Sayara Rasab Khan, engineering student. She recounted how her disbelief soon turned to optimism after seeing the outpouring support from the Ryerson community.

The night went on with jokes and laughter, as members of the student groups and student societies were recognized for their participation and contribution. There was also a spoken word piece performed by Omar “Falasteen” Said.

The current president of the MSA, Radwan Al-Nachawati praised the event as a great way to recognize the hard work of students in a fun way, as well as motivating them to do more.

“We’re planting seeds in the hearts of students and to take this kind of work of helping others to their professional careers,” he said.

Al-Nachawati also explained that this is only the beginning of the Ospys. “We want to make it an annual thing and we want to make it sustainable so there is growth,” Al-Nachawati said.

The new incoming president of MSA, Mariam Nouser also said that there is much more to come in the future to make it more organized and to have better communication. “Big things are happening to the Orphan Sponsorship Program” she said.

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