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UPDATE: Mackenzie to step down in the fun elections

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By Pew Chalmers

Former fun candidate Robert Mackenzie has announced that he will be dropping out of the upcoming fun elections, after leaked videos initiated protests against his candidacy.

Mackenzie sent a written statement to the Ryersonian announcing his decision.

“After careful consideration I have decided to withdraw my name from the fun ballot,” Mackenzie said in the statement. “Unfortunately the public has decided to side with Skyler Ash and those fools at The Eyeopener, whose only goal is to diminish my heralded and accomplished name. I would like to thank those supporters who never left my side; those who truly believed in an innovative fun voice.”

Two videos were leaked to The Eyeopener last night, showing Mackenzie defaming Eyeopener staff and making plans to sell information to the Ryersonian.

Shortly after the videos released, protestors gathered outside Mackenzie’s fun offices, calling for him to step down from the race.

“I think we should all just be glad that this information came out before the elections,” said Eyeopener media editor Robert Foreman, who Mackenzie personally attacked in the videos, calling him “Robert SNOREman.”

Before the leak, Mackenzie was well on his way to return to the helm as fun editor.  Just a few days ago, the candidate was polling as high as 77 per cent, which all but guaranteed him a victory in the election. But a poll released after the video leak today showed Mackenzie’s support drop all the way to three per cent.

“I’ve been saying from the beginning that we shouldn’t trust him,” said incumbent editor, and Mackenzie’s opponent, Skyler Ash. “Luckily he will no longer be able to do damage to our esteemed fun section.”

With Mackenzie no longer in the race, Ash will run unopposed for the position.

Speeches for the election will take place April 7, while voting and results will take place on April 8.

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