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Mackenzie takes “insurmountable” lead in run for fun

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By Pew Chalmers

Candidate Robert Mackenzie has taken an overwhelming lead in the race to be The Eyeopener’s next fun editor.

In an Eyeopener poll released Thursday, 74 per cent of voters indicated that they would vote for Mackenzie in the upcoming election. Twenty five percent indicated they would vote for incumbent editor Skyler Ash, while one per cent remains undecided.

“The polls are showing who the people want and who they are going to get,” Mackenzie said to a roaring crowd of more than 3,500 supporters in a Kerr Hall rally on Saturday.

According to Ryerson politics professor and fun-poll analyst Mug Johnson, these results have all but guaranteed Mackenzie victory this Friday.

“At this point in the election, there is no way that Skyler will be able to overcome this big of a deficit,” Johnson said. “Mackenzie has an insurmountable lead, it’s just a matter of time before he is the next fun editor.”

The poll results came after Mackenzie received three key endorsements at a Thursday rally. Following the rally, former Eyeopener communities editor Dylan Freeman-Grist made a formal endorsement of Mackenzie on Facebook.

As Mackenzie has commanded the ideals of fun voters, incumbent editor Skyler Ash is now taking a greater aim at Mackenzie’s flaws.

“He has no plans for the section, he just keeps saying he will innovate and make everything more fun,” Ash said to a crowd of her supporters. “Fun has been stable and thriving for the past semester, we need to keep it that way.”

Ash added that she will “ride the campaign out,” and has no plans of stepping down in the race.

Mackenzie responded to Ash’s attacks by telling her to “look at the polls.”  He then promised drastic reform to the weekly paper puzzle prize draw, attacking Ash’s puzzle strategy. “It’s been months since we’ve seen a Grey’s Anatomy crossword. That’s going to change very soon,” he said.

With only days remaining before the vote, it is looking like Mackenzie has overcome his demons and will once again return to fun office.

Campaign speeches will take place April 7, with the election and results coming on April 8.

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